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How to Read a CARFAX Report
   Published March 23, 2022
A CARFAX report is a complete vehicle history of a used vehicle. The report is built from all publicly available information on the car, including state vehicle bureaus, insurance companies, automotive auctions, vehicle repair companies, and more. Hundreds of thousands of companies report to CARFAX on their dealings with used cars, and CARFAX has over 26 billion records on vehicles.  Read More
5 Things You Should Always Keep in your Vehicle
   Published February 28, 2022
When youíre out and about in your vehicle, supplies arenít always easy to find. Knowing that your car is packed with a few essentials you might need to call on an emergency can mean peace of mind. And other everyday items can make your life easier when youíre on the road.
  Read More
7 Steps To Finding The Right Car For You
   Published February 2, 2022
Buying a car can be as simple as having enough money to afford a car you really like, but that is rarely the case. Budget is a major factor, but the cost of ownership, reliability, value depreciation, and, of course, your needs are just as important.  Read More
SUV vs. Minivan - Which is better
   Published December 27, 2021
To buy a large family vehicle, you have to consider more factors than if you were getting a 5-seater passenger car. Practicality, safety, and comfort take precedence over everything else.
Minivans and SUVs are the only viable options in this segment, so letís take a look at the differences between them and help you make a  Read More
Best Used SUVs For Under 20,000
   Published November 17, 2021
Buying an SUV comes with several benefits over buying a sedan. Theyíre safer, more spacious, and have a more imposing presence on the road.

The only problem is that brand new SUVs have a high price tag, and retain their value better than any other vehicle category. However, buying used is still a good idea, as $20,000 will get you an SUV in excellent  Read More
Why You Should Consider Buy a Used Truck
   Published October 26, 2021
Pickup trucks are by far the most reliable class of passenger vehicles. The rugged body-on-frame construction can endure decades of bad weather, while the robust engine keeps running for hundreds of thousands of miles.

If we can agree on most of these points, then the question that arises is why buy a new truck, when a used truck can still work well for over a decade, and cost you a fraction of the original cost? In this article, weíll explore the  Read More
How to buy a used car?
   Published September 27, 2021
The effects of the pandemic have had a strong impact on the car industry. Manufacturing facilities have shut down and brand new vehicle sales are down, as the uncertainty of work pushes the average person towards cheaper alternatives.   Read More
Whatís the Best Age of a Used Car to Purchase?
   Published August 26, 2021
Buying a used car instead of purchasing a new one has obvious advantages. The most important difference is, of course, the lower price point when you buy used.

Vehicles are assets that suffer from depreciation. While this can be a headache for people who like to buy the latest models, it can be a boon for others happy to buy pre-owned vehicles. Buying a used car thatís even just a few years old can mean significant savings.
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Best Time To Trade In Your Vehicle
   Published July 29, 2021
Trading in your used vehicle is the most convenient way of getting a better deal on a new model. However, knowing when to do so can make a huge difference. As an owner, you should strike a balance between getting the most out of your current car, but also keeping a high trade-in value.

There are many factors that determine the value of a used vehicle, and weíre here to explain what to look for.  Read More
Towing Capacity Guide
   Published June 22, 2021
Towing capacity is the weight your vehicle can tow without compromising safety. Determining the towing capacity of a vehicle isnít difficult, but there are many factors to consider which may initially seem confusing. Let us go through the terminology and calculate what your vehicle is capable of handling.  Read More
5 Maintenance Tips for First-Time Car Owners
   Published May 27, 2021
Buying a car is a big step in life, so whether youíve bought a brand new or a used car, congratulations on your first purchase! Cars offer unmatched freedom of travel and a sense of accomplishment, unlike any other object.

There are some things you should know about car maintenance to ensure the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Knowing how to properly identify a problem is one of the key components to well maintained long lasting vehicle. This article will go over 5 maintenance tips  Read More
Dog-Friendly Destinations Near Grand Rapids
   Published March 25, 2021
With Grand Rapids thawing from a snowy winter, dog owners couldnít be more excited to get out with their furry friendsĖ†sans shin-length parkas or frost bitten walks. While there are countless places pups and their people can enjoy together in the city, here are three of our favorites:

Outside Coffee Co.
This coffee shop on Wealthy St is the perfect place to spend a sunny Spring day. Made by people who love coffee, being outside, and welcoming all (leashed) dogs, youíll want to add this to  Read More
Best Winter Activities in Cedar Springs, MI
   Published March 1, 2021

With only a few weeks left to enjoy a snow-covered Cedar Springs, weíve pulled together a roundup of our favorite places to visit before itís time to think about those beloved West Michigan lake days.

Fred Meier White Pine Trail
The 93 mile rail-to-trail path from Grand Rapids to Cadillac passes through Cedar Springs, providing residents and visitors convenient access to the trail. Even in the winter, itís the perfect trail for cyclists, runners, walkers, and even snowmobiles. Visitors  Read More
5 Day Trips from Rockford, MI
   Published January 25, 2021
While there are plenty of Rockford activities to keep us busy, sometimes we need to get out of town for the day. Whether itís a beach day, city walk, or day of shopping you have in mind, Rockford is centrally located, making all of these possibilities only a short drive away. While many things continue to change due to COVID-19 precautions, West Michigan still has much to offer those itching for a day away. Weíve pulled together five day-trips to treat your travel  Read More
5 Important Road Safety Statistics You Should Know
   Published July 11, 2019

Driving can be a liberating experience. For some itís just about getting from A to B; for others, itís a relaxing and fun experience they love to do whenever they can.

Whatever kind of driver you are, safety is arguably the most important aspect of driving. From high-speed collisions to being stranded in freezing cold weather, driving brings along with it many potentially fatal dangers. Hereís a list of statistics to put it all into perspective and weíll also look at how safety can be  Read More
The Perfect West Michigan Ice Cream Tour for Summer
   Published June 20, 2019
As we finally reach the warm months of summer, we are able to (more readily) enjoy a favorite pastime: ice cream. There are so many great local ice cream shops to visit that it is nearly impossible to go wrong ó but we have decided to feature a few in West Michigan that are particularly noteworthy. So, take notes and letís take a tour of some of the best ice cream shops this part of the state has to offer.  Read More
How to Properly Prepare Your Car for a Summer Adventure
   Published May 22, 2019
With summertime on the horizon, itís about time to find those water inflatables, dust off your hiking boots, or check the expiration dates on your sunscreen. Sure, itís fun to think of unique places to visit and fun activities for the summer holidays but they all require reliable transportation to attend. You may want to think about now how to properly prepare your car for your spring and summer adventure so that itíll be ready to go when you are.

Tire InflationFirst, think about checking  Read More
5 Podcasts to Listen to on Your Commute
   Published April 23, 2019
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average driverís commute to work lasts about 25 minutes. For those who are tired of hearing endless cycles of radio advertisements and songs on repeat, podcasts offer an excellent opportunity to expand oneís horizons. And, good news: there is no shortage of free, quality podcast content in the world.

Podcasts are audio only broadcasts, prerecorded and edited for audiences rather than presented live. They are easily accessible through simple phone  Read More
What Senate Bill 1 Could Mean for Your Car Insurance
   Published March 20, 2019
Insurance rates in Michigan are over 80% higher than the national average.

One of the jobs of politicians is to legislate, but it is also their job to adapt old legislation when times change and new factors present themselves. Senator Nesbitt is doing just that with Senate Bill No. 1 to amend 1956 PA 218, entitled ďThe insurance code of 1956.Ē

Removes Requirement to Double Down on CoverageThe amendment states, among other things, that there will no longer be a redundant requirement for  Read More
Top 5 Cars For Rideshare Drivers
   Published March 12, 2019
Drivers of Uber, Lyft and other rideshare companies must make an important decision ó which vehicle to choose for their business.

If you are a new rideshare driver, you must consider selecting a reliable model, as youíre going to be using the car regularly (and as your business), and you will never make any money if your vehicle breaks down frequently or consistently has trouble. Particularly because most rideshare companies allow riders to rate and review their experience with their  Read More