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Car Dealership FAQs | Used Cars for Sale near Cascade, MI

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we finance "bad credit?"

Our dealership works with over fifty local and national lenders, as well as our own finance company in an effort to offer every person, regardless of credit history, an opportunity to purchase a quality pre-owned vehicle. Many of these lenders offer financing options for first-time buyers, people with recent bankruptcies, or customers with prior repossessions. Our business was one of the first dealerships to offer special financing in West Michigan, over thirty years ago, and we continue to pride ourselves on helping individuals and families get into the car, truck, or SUV they need. Even if you have a new job, temporary employment, an international tax identification number, driver's license issues, or you are a W2 employee we have options that may surprise you. Do not give up just because you have been turned down elsewhere. We surprise people everyday, not only with their ability to finance a vehicle, but also with the quality of the vehicle available to them.

2. Where do your vehicles come from?

The vast majority of vehicles we have for sale come from national auction houses around the country, often as far away as Pennsylvania and Tennessee. We prefer purchasing our inventory from these locations because the large auctions offer a wider variety of inventory at a better cost. This allows us to stock our dealership with all makes, models, and styles and allows us to pass price savings to our customers not available to other dealerships who buy locally. Additionally, we prefer the large auctions because they stand by the vehicles sold there and allow us to return vehicles if there are serious mechanical issues or undisclosed damages. This feature allows us to make sure we offer our customers good quality pre-owned vehicles at fair prices.

3. Do I need a down payment?

The answer to this question is almost always "no." Since the economic downturn of 2008, West Michigan has bounced back and so have the lenders. While it was not always the case, the vast majority of banks and auto finance companies are offering lending with zero down terms and competitive interest rates. However, every customer we encounter has different financial circumstances and/or different vehicle needs and a down payment is sometimes required to get into a specific vehicle. Moreover, putting money down often makes fiscal sense because it will lower the amount financed, thereby saving money on interest and keeping the monthly payments more reasonable. That being said, putting money down is usually an option for the customer, not a requirement.

4. Do your vehicles come with warranties?

Generally, our vehicles are sold "as is" and without a warranty. However, a warranty is available for purchase for virtually every vehicle on our lot and it often costs only a few dollars a month to protect your vehicle for several additional years. Furthermore, many of our vehicles still have remaining factory warranty. If you purchase a newer vehicle from us, you should contact the manufacturer to determine the status of the original factory warranty, as we often do not have that information available. While we certainly do not want the vehicles we sell to ever breakdown, they are machines that can be unpredictable. Therefore, purchasing a warranty is a great way to keep repair costs low and to protect your investment.

5. What is your best price?

We strive to offer our customers a great deal on every vehicle we sell. Our prices are readily available on our website and the vehicles are generally priced at or below market value there. However, we often have room to negotiate with a customer for an even better deal if they are truly interested in purchasing a specific vehicle from us. Therefore, we always give our best prices to those individuals who come to our store in person. With the differences between pre-owned vehicles, even within the same make, model, and year, it is imperative that the customer is fully satisfied with the vehicle he or she intends to purchase before we discuss a final price. The only way we can be sure the customer is going to be satisfied is if they see the vehicle in person, take it for a spin, and have their questions and concerns answered by our experienced sales team. Once this process is complete, both parties are in a better position to negotiate and we feel confident that we can give the customer a fair price.